Food Safety Laboratory

The Center for Animal Health & Food Safety

The New Mexico State University Food Safety Laboratory is a food microbiology lab located in Las Cruces, NM.

Services Provided:

  • Research and Development
    (Foodborne pathogen detection and control)
  • Food Product Testing
    (microbiological analyses, pH, aw)
  • Process Evaluation
    (acidified foods, inoculation studies, shelf-life testing)
  • Food Safety Plan Development
    (HACCP plans, Listeria Control Programs)
  • Nutrition Facts Panels
The Staff at NMSU Food Safety Lab
Image of NMSU food safety lab staff on a Pizza

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Dr. Willis Fedio
Mail To:
P.O. Box 30003 MSC 3BF
Las Cruces NM 88003-8003
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NMSU Food Safety Laboratory
2990 Knox St.
Las Cruces NM 88003-1268
Phone: 575-646-7352